Don Patricio

About us

Don Patricio is an agribusiness operation that began in May 2015. Our goal is to provide fine coffees and other natural beverages to the global consumer market, meeting quality standards and continuous improvement. Don Patricio is part of the ENLASA Group, a company with an organizational culture oriented towards excellence, productivity, innovation, and customer service.

In May 2015, ENLASA acquired Finca Santa Ana with the aim of developing a sustainable agricultural business, which would include research, training, technology transfer, and value-adding products to increase coffee harvest productivity, which is of great social importance not only for Guatemala but for several Latin American countries.  

Between 2016 and 2018, the acquired farms were: Las Minas, El Chocolate, and Bilbao, to have an efficient production scale for its administration. The entire operation is managed under the Don Patricio brand.

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