Don Patricio

Our brand’s history

Don Patricio means "Noble Person". It is used as an expression of respect, courtesy or distinction. We want to be distinguished by our business culture, our values, the quality of our products and, above all, by the spirit of teamwork and high-quality customer service.

Choosing the brand was a long and ultimately simple process. After three years of searching for options, we had a Pastor visit the farm to learn about the operation. We told him about the projects, work philosophy, certifications, community projection, and we also spoke about the difficulty of finding an appropriate brand.

The next day, the Pastor sent us a brand suggestion which we immediately accepted, not only because of the nobility meaning or good purpose related to the operation, but also because it’s the name of the father of ENLASA’s founder, who has served as an example for his tireless effort, dreams, and teachings about how nothing is impossible in life. So this brand is in honor of Don Patricio Pacheco. The special anecdote is that the Pastor was unaware of the family’s relationship to the brand.

We trust that Don Patricio will be a brand that inspires many people to achieve their dreams, and work with care and excellence to achieve them.