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The ISO 9001:2015 Standard is the basis of the Quality Management System – QMS. It’s an international standard that focuses on all the quality management elements that a company must have, to operate an effective system that allows managing and improving product and service quality.

The Rainforest Alliance stand for a positive change in the world. It’s a symbol of shared responsibility and collective action, one that amplifies and reinforces the beneficial effects of responsible choices, from farms and forests, to the supermarket checkout service.

The C.A.F.É Practices verification seal seeks that high-quality coffees are grown sustainably, focused on product quality, economic and social responsibility, as well as environmental leadership.

The Instituto Nacional de Bosques de Guatemala, (Guatemalan National Forest Institute). Its objective is to promote the country's forests management. It encourages and regulates the forests sustainable use, protection, and restoration. This is uses as mechanism to guarantee the forests productivity permanence, recovery, and improvement, increasing the provision of goods and services to guarantee society’s livelihood and contribute to reducing the country's vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

The National Coffee Association -Anacafé- integrates all coffee producers in Guatemala. Its objectives are: Represent the Guatemalan Coffee Sector. Extend Export Licenses. Develop and implement national and international coffee policy. Promote Guatemalan coffees
Represent the coffee sector of Guatemala.
Extend Export Licenses.
Develop and implement coffee policy both nationally and internationally.
Promote Guatemalan coffees

Carbon Neutral Certified: carbon footprint neutralization certification, which certifies that a company has accounted for and neutralized its greenhouse gas emissions.